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Monday, 12 October 2009

The Dinokeng Scenario Team and Secretariat are happy to share with you an overview of the engagements which have been undertaken on behalf of Dinokeng in the dissemination phase.  

As you know the objective of the Dinokeng scenario exercise has been to:

".. create a space and language for open, reflective and reasoned strategic conversation, among the broad community of South Africans, about possible futures for the country and the opportunities, risks, and choices these futures present."

We believe that with your support we have been able to begin to create this space and language as we have engaged in over 120 conversations in just 5 months, reaching thousands of leaders and citizens across the country. These conversations have engaged many sectors including business, labour, government, NGO's, associations and faith-based organizations. 

We have also been able to share over 16,500 Dinokeng scenario reports and booklets, and over 9,000 materials have been downloaded from the Dinokeng website

The dissemination of the scenarios messages continues, and we encourage you to download and use the Dinokeng scenarios materials: the booklet, presentation slides and workshop guidelines, and to host your own conversations in your own circles, communities and networks about the possible future of South Africa as well as around how we can Walk Together.  Our website includes links with the articles and media coverage received so far (click on Media Centre) and under Events you can see the current list of organizations who are participating in Dinokeng conversations.  The Dinokeng Scenario Team has given selflessly and generously of themselves over the past year in generating and disseminating the scenarios, and as a group of 33 South African leaders much has been achieved through this exercise so far. But in order for us to reach more South Africans, we are all needed and we call on you to heed the call to take the conversations further.

The success and interest generated in Phase 2 which ran from May-July, has led us to continue into a further phase of dissemination, Phase 3, which will run from August-November 2009. In this phase we will work to reach a wider audience and to deepen the conversations around Dinokeng.  

We are as such excited to announce that we have commenced with the production of a 6-part eTV Dinokeng Debate series, which will be flighted in November on the eTV News Channel. So please look out for this!  Also this series will be complemented by an associated supplement to be printed by Independent Newspapers (The Star, the Pretoria News, the Cape Argus and the Daily News) on a weekly basis to accompany each show.   Thanks goes to the primary sponsors Old Mutual & Nedbank for extending their sponsorship into Phase 3, and to the Open Society Foundation for contributing to the eTV series.

Thank you also goes to you for your continued interest and support in the Dinokeng scenario messages.

Please feel free to contact Elaine ( or Sarah (

Kind regards
The Secretariat
Dinokeng Scenarios Exercise

Below is some of the feedback we have received from Phase 2 for your interest.


Feedback on Phase 2 events

Gratitude and thanks

Many participants expressed congratulations and thanks at the presentations, via email and via the feedback forms, for the both the Dinokeng scenarios report which provides a framework against which to understand what is happening in South Africa, as well for the opportunity to engage in conversation around the futures of the country with diverse participants.

" was very inspiring to be at the presentation this week - thank you to all who made it possible for us to attend....I would really like to encourage friends and colleagues around the country to attend presentations."
"These public conversations are such and excellent idea, and I hope you continue with them. And I expect that support for them will increase a lot as they go on."
" This initiative is great, I am very excited. This is why SA is such a fantastic place to live- despite all the challenges and disappointments we can still come up with this stuff!"
"My Key insights was to get clarity of possibility and renewal of hope"
"All attendees are looking forward to seeing ‘walk together' become a reality and are willing to take it forward"
"People need opportunities to talk together and make sense of the challenges"

Call to Action

Many participants have received the messages of Dinokeng as a call to action, and to hold leaders to account. Personal anecdotes have been shared via email, feedback forms and even letters to the press in which individuals share the actions they have taken and commit to as a result of hearing the Dinokeng messagesThere is a resonance with the Dinokeng messages and a ‘stickiness factor', which imparts an authenticity and tone which encourages personal engagement and action to create a desired future for all.

Here are some of the comments from participant feedback following the a workshop in Bellville:

  • The responsibility to change this country lies with me.
  • I will use the Walking Together scenario as a framework for my MS Thesis on Citizen Engagement.
  • I'm passionate about people development and Africa and plan to continue the Dinokeng workshops.
  • I would like to continue connecting with all who are passionate about Dinokeng because I believe that this can work for South Africa.

The question of ‘how to' Walk Together

The question which is persistently raised in each and every presentation, is the ‘how to' question. How do we Walk Together? This has been asked at forums, presentations, in feedback forms, via Facebook and personal blogs

The call for more

This person felt compelled to write in his personal blog, following a presentation at the Wits P&DM:
"My impression is that these scenarios are both powerful and a perfect start to initiate an honest debate within South Africa concerning its current state. South Africa is currently in the "Walk Apart" scenario........This document is by no means an authoritative manual about the state of South Africa, I regard it as a very honest shot at it. I therefore embrace it, its observations ring true and I am sure the leaders of this country are being made aware that the citizenry is still optimistic, it wants to be involved, and it is currently not happy with the current state of affairs." (Pitso Tsibolane blog)

Further comments from East London express the need for presentations to continue and to reach a wider spectrum of South Africans

  • Get role players and Governmental officials involved.
  • This should continue as it is for sometime- please don't change it
  • Continue these conversations in other contexts - tertiary education, churches
  • Involve more youth and community members
  • Dinokeng must reach out to rural areas and informal settlements
  • Take this to the young people, in High School level and rural areas, poor communities please


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