The Dinokeng Scenarios exercise is a public domain exercise which aims to support the opening of conversations around the futures of South Africa using the framework of the Dinokeng Scenarios as a starting point. One way to support these conversations is through the provision of these materials for your use.  The materials are available for you to freely download and use to support these conversations. 

We request that you maintain the integrity of the messages by not altering any text in the materials and that you duly reference the Dinokeng Scenarios exercise. We support the dissemination of these materials in a manner which is not-for-profit or personal gain, or personal profit. These materials are not for re-sale and are available at no charge as downloadable tools.

Quick Links

  Dinokeng Scenarios: Overview [PDF - 135KB]
  Dinokeng Scenarios: Full Report [PDF - 1.5MB]
  Dinokeng Scenarios Presentation [PDF - 2MB]
  Dinokeng Scenarios Workshop Guidelines [PDF - 2MB]
Walk Together - Education   Walking together in Education - Outcomes and reflections on a day of exchange and conversation at Spier on November 11, 2009. [PDF - 890KB]
Dinokeng Scenarios 3 Futures Supplements
Independent Newspaper
  2 November 2009 - Civil Society [PDF - 820KB]
  9 November 2009 - Race and Transformation [PDF - 618KB]
  16 November 2009 - For International Relations [PDF - 499KB]
  23 November 2009 - The Economy [PDF - 720KB]
  30 November 2009 - Education [PDF - 535KB]
Dinokeng Scenarios Summary Reports
  Dinokeng Scenarios: Summary Report (English) [PDF - 1MB]
  Dinokeng Scenarios: Summary Report (Afrikaans) [PDF - 1MB]
  Dinokeng Scenarios: Summary Report (Sepedi) [PDF - 1MB]
  Dinokeng Scenarios: Summary Report (Tsonga) [PDF - 1MB]
  Dinokeng Scenarios: Summary Booklet (IsiZulu) [PDF - 1MB]

The DVD is available for downloading in hi resolution or low resolution and is translated in Afrikaans, Tsonga, Sepedi and Zulu.Should you have a special community need for a copy of the DVD, a limited number are available.Please contact Elaine.


Dinokeng Scenarios Hi-Resolution DVD

Dinokeng Scenarios Low-Resolution DVD

  Dinokeng Scenarios: Launch day presentation and webcast



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